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RBC Lager

This lightly hopped, clean, crispy and bright American Lager is brewed with the mineral waters from the Gray Mineral springs, once thought to have healing properties. A lager with Healing properties? Probably not, but we think it makes a damn fine beer. 4.5% ABV

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Hazy River IPA

Hazy River captures citrus and stone fruit notes from the hops, with a simple malt bill.  In this can, we will always evolve to make our favorite version of a modern IPA.  Fermented in oak tanks, soft and bright.  Brewed in a barn down by the river, we wanted to incorporate as many elements as possible that makes us RBC and transfer that experience to you.  6.0% ABV

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Maple Porter

A robust Porter with sexy flavors of chocolate, caramel,and coffee. Maple Porter, dark and malty, will surely warm your bones during the chilly winter months, yet is light and diverse enough to be enjoyed year round. balancing the roasty flavors, we added sweet and smooth pure maple syrup from our own Howles Maple Farm. Hunker down, get sappy and enjoy this robust Maple Porter.  7.0% ABV


Riverside IPA

IPA made with Mosaic and Amarillo Hops. Sweet, citrus and tropical fruit medley. Leading to a floral nose and flavors of mango, stone fruit, and sweet oranges. 6.0% ABV


Crik Fishin'

Spring is upon us, flowers in bloom, and the fish are biting.  Crick Fishin' is brewed for our anglers, fishermen, and other river folks.  Cast out a line, crack a cold one, and catch some rays.  Here's to easy drinking and easy living.  Cheers!  4.9% ABV

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Maple Chai Latte

A sweet & spicy ale brewed to keep our maple syrup producers going for the long days and nights of sap running and syrup boiling. This special brew was produced with maple sap and syrup from Howles Maple Farm.  Huge amber maple notes mingle with creamy lactose, & intertwine with savory chai notes, courtesy of 25# of Jack Frost Chai from Two Rivers Artisan Coffee Works. 4.7% ABV


Folk Wisdom

Old Pennsylvania folk wisdom says March will come in like a lion and out like a lamb. The teetering weather lends itself to the perfect storm of creating nature’s finest sweetener; pure maple syrup. Fond childhood memories nestled in warm Grandma’s house in March with the smell of oatmeal raisin cookies filling the air, maple confections on the stove, and folk tales abound are sure to come to mind.

Just like the old days, Folk Wisdom boasts flavors of oats, maple syrup and a raisin medley that is sure to warm your soul.  6.0% ABV


10 Grain Stout

A smooth, malty bodied stout with caramel toffee, coffee, and chocolate bites.  7.0% ABV 

Served on Nitro for a creamy, smooth finish.


Three Blondes

For those that are new to the craft beer scene or if you just enjoy a refreshing light beer check out our Three Blondes. Pale malts and German noble hops blend together harmoniously to make for easy drinking.   5.8% ABV


Golden Strong Ale

A Belgian-style golden strong ale that is a marriage of fruity, spicy, and alcohol flavors supported by a soft malt character with mild flavors of pear and oranges.  7.5% ABV


Macadamia Nut Brownie

Brown ale made with chocolate malts and bursting with macadamia nut flavor! A brownie in a glass!  6.0% ABV


Coffee Porter

A spiced coffee porter with strong black coffee notes and winter spices. Contains caffeine.  6.0% ABV