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Ginger Shred Man

Availability November - January

Winter is here and fresh powdered snow covers the land. this can only mean one thing, the arrival of the Ginger Shred Man! He rides the local slopes on his board like a pro, The locals stare in amazement, as he carves the snow. From his mohawk to the RBC. This winter ale is brewed for those that love to board and ski.  Brewed with Gingerbread, Spices, and Molasses. You can enjoy straight from cans, but its better in glasses! This Brown ale is 6% ABV

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Witch Brew

Availability October - December

Gummies, Candies, toil & troubles; Glitter that spins and Blue Raspberries bustle. Soured in a copper kettle, Then added gummies by the bagful. Gummy worms and Gummy brains, made tart and sour with our in-house strain. The Moon is full and looking bright, We brewed this beer for the weirdos that come out at night! Come get weird with us! 4.5% ABV


Tie-One-On Lemon Shandy

Availability June - August

Starting with a traditional oak fermented Hefeweizen, we used Lemon Juice and our very own Howles Maple Farms Maple Syrup to make this the perfect beer for boating weather! Can be enjoyed anywhere but best suited to be consumed near a body of water.

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Crik Fishin'

Availability April - June

Spring is upon us, flowers in bloom, and the fish are biting.  Crick Fishin' is brewed for our anglers, fishermen, and other river folks.  Cast out a line, crack a cold one, and catch some rays.  Here's to easy drinking and easy living.  Cheers!  4.9% ABV

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Maple Chai Latte

Availability February - April

This special brew was produced with maple sap and syrup from Howles Maple Farm.  Huge amber maple notes mingle with creamy lactose, & intertwine with savory chai notes, courtesy of 25# of Jack Frost Chai from Two Rivers Artisan Coffee Works.   4.7% ABV

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Log Splitter Double IPA

Availability August - October

Crack! Split! Wham! Logsplitter is bursting wit Simcoe and Loral hops to fuel your inner lumberjack.   Don your best flannel shirt, grip the shaft of your axe little tighter, and prepare for this juicy double IPA to hit home.  Smooth and refreshing, Log Splitter DIPA is sure to satisfy after a hard days work, or a relaxing day off.  Best enjoyed wit friends and family.   8.9% ABV


Blame It On The Boogey

Availability September - November

This velvety smooth amber ale is brewed with pie pumpkin, exotic Tahitian vanilla beans, and a touch of pumpkin pie spice. The fresh baked pie flavor in this brew dances on the liquid graham cracker floor while the vanilla notes bring it back around. If this beer gets you up and dancing for the fall season; "Don't blame it on the sunshine, don't blame it on the moonlight, don't blame it on good times, Blame It On The Boogey!" 8.0% ABV


Hand Dipped

Availability January - February

This scrumptious strawberry chocolate porter, brewed with chocolate covered strawberries and our own Howles Maple Farm fresh maple syrup, is a tribute to love and lovers. The ever-quotable Ben Franklin said it best. "If you would be loved, love and be lovable." So no matter who you love, here's a beer to celebrate. 7.0% ABV

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No Stress Hefe

Availability April - July

This classic German Hefeweizen is open-fermented in an oak tank to allow some reaction with the natural flora in the air and in the pores of the wood. The opaque orange hue of this medium bodied ale will steal your gaze while aromas of banana and clove will capture your spirit. This beer drinks with a malty smooth backbone and a refreshingly crisp finish that is sure to rejuvenate your soul. 5.7% ABV

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Availability August - October

Brewed with 100% local ingredients, with the RBC Pub's farm to table ethos incorporated into this Oktoberfest. Malts from CNC Malt and hops from Hop Stop Farm make this a truly local craft brewed lager. In Oaken series fashion, this beer is oak lagered in foeders for an old world take on the style. Raise a stein with us as we celebrate Oktoberfest! 5.0% ABV


Folk Wisdom

Availability March - May

Old Pennsylvania folk wisdom says March will come in like a lion and out like a lamb. The teetering weather lends itself to the perfect storm of creating nature’s finest sweetener; pure maple syrup. Fond childhood memories nestled in warm Grandma’s house in March with the smell of oatmeal raisin cookies filling the air, maple confections on the stove, and folk tales abound are sure to come to mind.

Just like the old days, Folk Wisdom boasts flavors of oats, maple syrup and a raisin medley that is sure to warm your soul. 6.0% ABV

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Tap That!

Availability February - April

Double IPA brewed in celebration of our annual RBC Taps that festival in late February. Brewed using maple sap
instead of water, and big hop additions, this beer packs a big fruity in your face hop experience. It’s time to Sugar! 8.5% ABV


Overgourd Pumpkin Porter

Availability August - October

Behold!!! The Overgourd has been summoned!! Prepare yourselves for this full-bodied, rich chocolate porter made with puréed pumpkin, cinnamon, nutmeg, and ginger. This deep, dark pumpkin beer is scary good and will haunt you for another pour. 6.1% ABV