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Riverside Brewing Company Craft Beer To Go

Did you fall in love with one or more of our beers? 

Take it home in a Growler or an Ice Cold 4 packs

Here's what we have canned for you-

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Brewed with 100% local ingredients. Malts from CNC Malt and HOPs from HOP Stop Farm make this truly a local craft brewed Lager. This beer is oak lagered in foeders for an old world take on this style.  5.0%

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Prolusion IV

Every batch of Prolusion will be different, but with our fourth Prolusion, we wanted to bring you an all Galaxy Pale Ale. 5.5%


Suffering From Realness IPA

Bananas, walnuts, cinnamon, vanilla beans and lactose all mingle with this aggressively hopped culinary IPA. No need to set your beer down to take a bite, every sip will satisfy your hunger. 6.5%


Maple Porter - NEW RELEASE!!

A robust Porter with sexy flavors of chocolate, caramel,and coffee. Maple Porter, dark and malty, will surely warm your bones during the chilly winter months, yet is light and diverse enough to be enjoyed year round. balancing the roasty flavors, we added sweet and smooth pure maple syrup from our own Howles Maple Farm. Hunker down, get sappy and enjoy this robust Maple Porter. 7.0%

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Tie-One-On Lemon Shandy- Pub only

Starting with a traditional oak fermented Hefeweizen, we used Lemon Juice and our very own Howles Maple Farms Maple Syrup to make this the perfect beer for boating weather! Can be enjoyed anywhere but best suited to be consumed near a body of water.  ABV 4.2%

This beer is only sold in the pub currently.

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Crik Fishin' - SEASONAL / SOLD OUT

Spring is upon us, flowers in bloom, and the fish are biting.  Crick Fishin' is brewed for our anglers, fishermen, and other river folks.  Cast out a line, crack a cold one, and catch some rays.  Here's to easy drinking and easy living.  Cheers!  4.9% ABV

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Prolusion II

Contemporary Pale Ale that is ever changing.  Every batch will bring you something a bit different that we are working on for the bigger picture at Riverside.  This is our 2nd Prolusion and we wanted to bring you all the Citra Pale Ale.  ABV 6.2%

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Hazy River IPA

Hazy River captures citrus and stone fruit notes from the hops, with a simple malt bill.  In this can, we will always evolve to make our favorite version of a modern IPA.  Fermented in oak tanks, soft and bright.  Brewed in a barn down by the river, we wanted to incorporate as many elements as possible that makes us RBC and transfer that experience to you.  6% ABV

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Puckish - SOLD OUT

Strawberry Rhubarb Sour.  We have taken the season's last maple sap, kettle soured, added just the right amount of strawberry, rhubarb, and white wine juice to make the perfect summer Berliner Weisse style beer.  Cheers!    4.5% ABV

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Pandemic Helles - SOLD OUT

German Style. In a time of crisis there are always some silver linings,  Such as this contemporary hell's-style lager that was able to rest in the tank undisturbed during the pandemic hell.  With a blend of an old world style and new world American hops, we made an easy drinking beer that is both crisp and aromatic.  Lemon on the nose followed by a distinct cracker like malt finish.  This is sure to be a great way to end our quarantine.   5.5% ABV

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Save Em' For Bread - SOLD OUT

Packs a fruity wallop to start things off right. This wheat beer leads the way with massive banana and homemade maple banana bread notes, along with more subtle cinnamon and clove. Surely ap-peel-ing to any palate!!   7.5% ABV

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Three Blondes

Pale malts and German Noble Hops blend together harmoniously to make for easy drinking.  5.8% ABV

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Maple Chai Latte - SOLD OUT

This special brew was produced with maple sap and syrup from Howles Maple Farm.  Huge amber maple notes mingle with creamy lactose, & intertwine with savory chai notes, courtesy of 25# of Jack Frost Chai from Two Rivers Artisan Coffee Works.   4.7% ABV

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Log Splitter Double IPA

Crack! Split! Wham! Logsplitter is bursting wit Simcoe and Loral hops to fuel your inner lumberjack.   Don your best flannel shirt, grip the shaft of your axe little tighter, and prepare for this juicy double IPA to hit home.  Smooth and refreshing, Log Splitter DIPA is sure to satisfy after a hard days work, or a relaxing day off.  Best enjoyed wit friends and family.   8.9% ABV